Sahifa Journal

Futures and Dreams

SAHIFA is a Swahili word for blank page. We believe in the spirit and the possibilities of the blank page for new thought. Sahifa’s inaugural issue, ‘Futures and Dreams’, seeks creative responses from every genre of work – fiction, poetry, nonfiction and essays – that explore the link between how we live our lives now and how we dream of our futures.

The ‘Futures and Dreams’ issue will challenge the premises of a burgeoning Afro-Futurism genre through what we call dreamscapes. Whether it be the techno-cities of Tatu and Konza, oil in Turkana and Hoima, the construction sites of Addis Ababa and the giant malls of suburban Nairobi, we want to interrogate future-making in action – a chip off of the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative, that emphasizes the transformational power of technology and infrastructure.

How do people resist an often-masculinist future-making from above? What are the counter-cultures and alternative identities they adopt? How are people remaking and shaping the present around a diverse, uncertain and changing future? How is the pursuit of a techno-scientific future changing how we work and relate with one another; how we live, love and grieve?

We are seeking stories about the social productions of global capital, of the arrival in Africa of FinTech, digital start-ups and Chinese capitalism. We want to show how people are grappling with debt and austerity, and with mega-corruption often linked to unbridled public spending that is itself also pursuing techno-scientific visions of the future.   

We welcome original contributions from all over East Africa.

  • Stories should be no more than 6, 000 words.
  • Authors will receive an honorarium of Ksh. 10, 000 ($100) for their published stories.
  • All submissions should be sent to before 31st December 2020.
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